Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Possessed Heating Pad

As I was having some muscular problems in my left shoulder area my granddaughter delivered a small heating pad to my home.  It was her idea that possibly if I placed it on my bed under my shoulder it might relieve some of the discomfort, and actually aid the recuperation.
She showed me the pad, about 16” X 24”, and gave me the following instructions.  Plug the cord into a receptacle.  There are four green buttons on it.  Each is for a different heat setting.  Four may be too hot, so try it on three first.  That was simple enough.  How could I go wrong?
As I prepared to go to bed yesterday evening I dutifully placed the heat pad about where I thought it would be the most beneficial.  I pushed the green # 3 button as instructed and retired on the pad.  Soon my lower back seemed almost too warm, and my shoulder not particularly warm at all so I decided the pad was hotter on one end than the other.  I roused up, moved the pad higher up in the bed with the cooler end under the pillow, bringing the lower part up under my shoulder.  That seemed about right.
A little later, not knowing if I had slept or not, I noted the pad was only as warm as my body.  It seemed not to be heating.  I found the control next to my pillow, turned it toward where I could see it, and it had this big red eye blinking at me.  Now that didn’t seem right, and the granddaughter hadn’t mentioned anything at all about a red light, only four green ones.  After considering the situation for a few seconds, I decided maybe placing the end of the pad under the pillow caused it to be too hot, and it went into a reset mode.  I placed that end of the pad on top of the pillow, punched the red eye, and instead of blinking it came on steady.  Progress, or regress, I didn’t know.  I punched the # 3 green button and once more the pad began heating as when I first lay down.  It should run for the night now.
A while later I noted, once again, the pad seemed to only be body temperature.  This time I grabbed the control expecting to see a blinking red light, and I was not disappointed.  Once more I punched the malevolent red eye and the cursed blinking stopped.  I punched the # 3 button for the third time, and all seemed well with the world once again.
Yet later I once more noted the pad had quit heating.  Upon checking the control, again the red light was blinking.  I’d had enough of this nonsense.  I followed the cord with my hand in the darkness to the wall receptacle, pulled the plug, and tossed the bewitched pad on the floor.  Sleep came and I made it through the night.
This afternoon I was explaining to my granddaughter what a restless night I had experienced with the goofy blinking red light instead of the nice glowing green I was expecting.  She then informed me that there was a 45 minute timer on it.  At the end of that time the pad control shut off, and a red blinking light announced the fact.  Now she tells me. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Old Age 2

I wrote the below December 1, 2011, I shall add it here.

On Growing Old

My days are dwindling like the kindling that began the eternal flame at the tomb of the unknown-soldier.  Each day I marvel that I stand at the portals among the mortals of this planet.  My extended family is not one of longevity, but still I linger day to day among those who are young and virile as if I knew not how to leave with dignity.  Soon my life will be done, my time will come, and I beg of you to remember I did not choose to remain, it was merely my time of passing had not yet been determined.  Do not hesitate, do not meditate, but continue on.  This world will little note my passing, and that is as it should be.  We are all fleeting beings on a planet hurtling through space at breakneck speed with little idea of where we shall spend eternity.
Back in August of last year, some six months ago, I wrote of some of the foibles of old age.  That can be found here: http://lion-tales.blogspot.com/2012/08/old-age.html
Yesterday, February 24, 2013, I became painfully aware of another side effect of aging.  Although I have not had it checked by a medical expert, nor do I intend to, I believe I had a small cardiac infarction, or as it is more commonly known, a slight heart attack.  It’s another way of knowing I am vulnerable to the vagaries of growing older.  If it weren’t for these periodic awakenings I would never know how lucky I am to yet be alive.
The result at this point is that the left side of my upper torso has a steady dull pain.  Also it is painful to move my left arm in relationship to the remainder of my body.  The arm and attached hand are fully functional, but it is less painful to move my entire body than to raise or lower the limb.  Such it is to live on into older decades.